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Chiesi Limited is headquartered in Manchester and employs over 400 people. Based in Parma, Italy, Chiesi Farmaceutici is an international research-oriented group with over 80 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sector, operating in 29 countries and employing around 5,700 people. Chiesi researches, develops and markets innovative drugs for respiratory treatment, special care medicine, and rare diseases, with its Research and Development Centre also based in Parma. Chiesi is a certified Benefit Corporation (B Corp®) and is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Evolan Pharma is a Swedish privately owned company, which brings extensive knowledge from the pharmaceutical sector and has operations around the globe. In the UK & Ireland, we focus our expertise on our wound and skin care portfolio which includes the zinc oxide-based products, Ichthopaste Bandage, Viscopaste Bandage and Zipzoc Medicated Stocking.

Our products are used in the successful management of patients with venous leg ulceration and their associated skin conditions and are shown to improve healing times¹. And in dermatology, our products provide moisturising treatment for conditions like eczema and dermatitis, helping to break the itch-scratch cycle and maintain the integrity of the skin.

We are proud of the heritage and efficacy of our active ingredients, zinc oxide and ichthammol, which have been used for decades and are trusted by many clinicians with the knowledge that zinc oxide is an essential trace element for wound healing and tissue repair.

If you require further information, a team training session or if you would just like to speak to our representative, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Email us at pastebandages@evolan.se.

Call our UK Clinical Specialist on +44(0)7554 133321.


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BD Diabetes Care have been specialising in the design and manufacture of insulin needles and syringes for over 90 years. BD's culture of innovation and continuous improvement has enhanced the patient experience to enable better diabetes therapy and outcomes. BD and MeTM and BD Injection technique training programmes for patients and healthcare professionals, have been designed to provide information on correct injection technique to better manage diabetes for those injecting.

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Oatly is a Swedish company which is proud to produce a range of tasty, healthy and sustainable oat-based products. Our products make it easy for people to eat better and live healthier lives without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources.

We aim to drive a systemic shift in society to tackle climate change and public health challenges. Through our products and our voice we want to facilitate a shift to a more plant-based food system.

Our company sprang from research. Likewise, when we develop our products, we are guided by evidence-based scientific research and global and national dietary recommendations.

The product range includes Oat Drinks, Oatgurt, Creamy Oat, Whippable Creamy Oat, Creamy Oat Fraiche, Creamy Oat Spreads, Ice Cream and Whippable Vanilla Custard.

Our Oatly Barista Edition is now the No.1 best-selling dairy alternative product in the UK!*

All Oatly products are 100% plant-based and totally dairy & soya free.

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Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods are the UK’s leading in-home ready meal delivery service.  With a company dietitian, many Queen’s Awards and thousands of satisfied customers behind them they have extensive knowledge and experience in the area of Older People’s nutrition.

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As a proud member of the Arjo family, we believe that great healthcare is always a collective effort. The greatest contribution we can provide to patients, and the professionals who care for them, is confidence. This is what we have been striving for since 1979, with innovative solutions in vascular care, fetal and patient monitoring. Solutions that can assist clinicians in improving outcomes and enhancing patient wellbeing. Whether it’s the safe delivery of a new life, improving the day-to-day quality of life or monitoring life’s vital signs, we aim for clinical excellence and improved performance, for life.

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